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How To Create A Bible Reading Plan That Works
4 months ago

A good Bible reading plan will not only bring you in the appropriate time for reading the bible but it will also enable you to become more familiar with the bible's teachings. However, there is no bible reading plan that will produce the same experience for each of us. It is therefore important to choose a reading schedule that will suit your lifestyle and provide the most effective learning opportunity. In other words, you need to tailor your biblical study schedule to suit you. The following are some helpful tips for reading the bible chronologically.


First, you should ask yourself what times of the day you tend to read the bible. If you read the bible during the morning, afternoon and at night, then you can simply divide your daily reading time into two half days. For example, you can start reading in the morning at six o'clock and finish reading at four o'clock in the afternoon. This will enable you to devote one hour of time each day to Bible reading, thus enabling you to dedicate two hours of your day for regular Bible study.

Second, determine the format of your reading plan. If you want to read the bible with the front cover and table of contents, then you will need bibles, note cards and a book to place in your hand while reading. You can use any format you prefer but ensure that you commit to it so that you do not lose your place while reading.

Third, establish the role of the listener in your bible study. Some people feel that they are the readers and the giver of the wisdom and knowledge contained in the bible while others feel that they are facilitators and guides who encourage the reader to understand. Whichever role you identify, establish a role for yourself as a listener in your Bible reading plan. Listen to the words, thoughts and expressions of the writer. As you listen, note the ways in which they construct their sentences, paragraphs and sections and how they arrange their points so that they make sense together.

Fourth, listen to the message. Some people might assume that they already know the meaning of every word in the Bible and while this is true, it would be better if you leave interpretation to someone else who understands the Bible better than you do. Listen to the message with an open mind to learn new things along the way and let your understanding grows as you read.

Lastly, commit to daily readings. The most important thing to remember about chronological bible reading plan is that you need to do it daily so that your commitment does not waver. Read with excitement, interest and a willingness to grow. You will discover that as you become more comfortable with each word and with the flow of the story, you will start to discover more about yourself as you read the Bible with more depth.

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